If you haven’t been living under a stone for the past century, you probably already have a fair idea of ballroom dancing from Hollywood. Scenes of ballroom dancing form a good chunk of many movies and TV shows, demonstrating the intricacies of this form of art, as partners gather to express their love and emotions for each other. Over the years, this activity has stepped out of the realm of exclusivity and high class to become an activity that everyone can enjoy.
Why You Should Get in on the Fun: 
Ever since “Dancing with the Stars” came out, millions of Americans have been lining up to take ballroom and wedding dance lessons. Ballroom dancing isn’t all about standing out at a gathering or social event – it has numerous other benefits too. The first and most obvious is to stay fit and keep your body young and flexible. For children, dance has the advantage of strengthening muscles, bones, and joints in a manner that few other activities can manage. Beyond that, the social benefits of having good dancing skills extend far beyond simple admiration. For many people, dance is how they get introduced to new friends and even find their life partners.
If you visit a dance studio Long Island, you will find people of all ages taking classes and moving forward at their own pace. Dance can provide incredible relaxation and help reduce stress and tension when you need it most. As a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental relaxation, dance is something you can completely indulge in. It is a beautiful way of enhancing your skills and enjoying a sense of accomplishment and achievement that boosts your confidence.
About the Trainer Stephanie Falciano:
 Studio owner Stephanie Falciano has been passionate about dance from a young age. As a young girl, she fondly looks back at her childhood memories of going to attend special classes. Ballroom dancing and Stephanie, it seems, were made for each other. What truly inspires Stephanie is passing on her knowledge of dance to adults and children. She has more than 20 years of experience as a dance teacher and her students have gone on to earn accolades at competitions and social events. If you are looking for Long Island dance lessons look no further – Dance with Us has you covered.
Stephanie has delivered mind blowing performances in throughout Asia and Europe. While attending New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, she acted in several student films. Her first professional competition was the International Latin and American Rhythm, where she took the top spot among US contestants. Stephanie has also gone on to take top positions at the American Star Ball Championships, and USDC Mambo Championship. She also takes part in competitions with partner Vincent Antonelli, and the duo have earned top positions at American Rhythm competitions, Constitution State Challenge Dancesport Championships, theater arts festivals, and Professional Rising Star at the American Star Ball. The duo’s most recent achievement is first place at King’s Ball in Professional Showdance.