Long Island Dance Studio: Splendidly Choreographed Dance Sequences for your BIG Day!

Dancing on your Big Day, after exchanging your vows and pledging yourself to each other for an entire lifetime, is a very special and poignant moment. A moment that will go down in the history of your life, get preserved in hundreds of pictures and videos, so your children can gaze upon it with wonder and joy. As you dance away on your wedding night, hundreds of guests will look at the adorable couple and therefore, it is important to make sure that the sequence you choose is perfect, beautiful and most importantly, special.

However, it is important to note that the slow-paced couple dance, where the bride and groom open up the dance floor with a romantic number, swaying in each other’s arms, is not the only dance a wedding is all about. In fact, the more dancing there is, the merrier your wedding will be!

Why do you need Wedding Dance Lessons?

Dancing is the perfect entertainment feature to make sure everyone at the wedding has a great time, and also has an opportunity to indulge in your Big Day without being pretentious. Our Wedding Dance Lessons are a tremendous offering that will help you and your friends prepare a splendid dance routine that will make your wedding the talk of the town.

Our team of passionate artists and choreographers at the Long Island Dance Studio understand that while everybody loves to dance, many people often hesitate simply because they lack confidence or aren’t familiar with the many techniques of taking joy in the art of dancing. We are here to help you instill the confidence you need to entertain your guests with astounding dance numbers and well-choreographed sequences.

It’s not the least bit intimidating, or expensive for that matter! We have a series of amazing dance packages designed for the modern bride and groom, and we provide a wide range of services and amenities to make sure your wedding is infused with a series of energetic, romantic and entertaining dance sequences.

From the rehearsal dinner and the bridal entrance dance in the Church, to the wedding reception, the romantic sequence for the bridal couple, and much more-our experienced choreographers and artists will help you compile a series of amazing dances. We will also help you with the selection of songs, planning the choreography and much more. It is going to be an incredible journey, and we simply cannot wait to be part of your wedding’s entertainment entourage!