Thank you to everyone who participated in our July Virtual Gold Coast Showcase!

Our Gold Coast live Showcase links are still up from 7/26
Gold Coast Links For 7/26
Live stream Paso Doble class August 16 2:30pm!!
Please join us with your comments and feedback during the class in the chat!!
We will work on silver figures and improving posture, styling and footwork.

Virtual Showcase Guidelines For the filming Director Stephanie Falciano

For the best zoom experience

  1. Use a laptop or computer if possible.
  2. Use the zoom app rather than in the web browser.
  3. Check your internet speed.
  4. Adjust your audio settings following the steps in thisvideo
  5. When each performance is in progress turn off your camera and microphone except forthe performers so there are no distractions.
  6. Spectators can view livestream on YouTube and are not to join via zoom.
  7. If you need to communicate during the event, chat is available but if we have alot ofpeople at once this will be disabled by the host to avoid glitching.
  8. Text 516 996-3554 for problems or questions while event is in progress.
  9. Prerecorded video submissions are accepted and will be shown during the showcase.These can be emailed to through wetranfer or a youtube link. Please make sure you list as public or unlisted in order to view. Prerecorded single dances can also be submitted. In order to preserve the timing of the music in each heat with the other dancers, please request the music from Stephanie for your recording of all single dance entries you want to submit and send well in advance so we can organize.
  1. For prerecorded submissions, use the best device to record with. Consider the best camera quality.
  2. Good lighting affects the quality of your video. Well-lit subjects shot with an average camera will produce a better picture than poorly lit subjects shot with a high-quality camera.
  3. Use a tripod or other stabilization techniques.
  4. Make sure you are centered in the frame, when recording and do not go outside theframe.
  5. Clean, simple backgrounds to avoid distractions. If we are permitted, Dance with us willbe available for live and prerecorded submissions.
  6. Wear your costumes! Hair, make up, props should all be considered, just as if we were inperson! This is even more important in this virtual setting so we can share joy with our audience and take them into the world of the stage, transporting them into your soul.