You think you can dance? Move a little on rhythm? Then ballroom competition should be your next couple goal. If the wedding dance lessons taken at places like Dance studio Long Island and Syosset dance studio got your moves polished then it’s time to hit the next level of couple dancing.
Ballroom competitions are a famous thing in many countries where couples compete with each other in a dance competition. No matter if you are 70 year old couple or newlyweds; this competition entertains all age groups, nationalities and skin color. But it might not be as simple as one thinks it to be. Here a few things or tips to remember before signing up for it:
• From new to pro
An important thing to remember is that this ballroom competition has different levels starting from “beginners” to “professionals” so make sure your couple signs up for the right level so that you may get the right competition.
• Time for dressing up
Ballroom competition is just not about dancing. It is also about how the couple presents itself in front of the audience and stands out from others. Like your wedding dance lessons, these “basics” are also taught at good studios like Dance studio Long Island, Syosset Dance studio or any other dance place in the locality. And of course for ladies, choosing the right hair and make style is equally important.
• Go with the flow
Scared that you might stomp on your partner’s foot or fall down? Well even if you are shivering inside just pretend to be happy and relaxed in front of everyone especially your competitors. You don’t want to give them a chance to pull your couple down. Be confident!
• Time is money
The MOST important thing to remember when entering a competition is to reach the venue on time. Well this point is definitely told in the wedding dance lessons at good dance workshops namely Dance studio Long Island and Syosset Dance studio. So its important that you join a good studio for your wedding lessons which will help you in your ballroom competition to win as a couple.

• Not everyone wins
As far as the competition is concerned, give in you hundred percent but still if your couple don’t lose heart. Every story teaches a positive lesson. At the end you will have some great “couple friends” and lovely memories of the time you spend with your loved one.
• Don’t overdo
In an effort to look beautiful, lady just done overdo things. Layers of makeup and fancy costume are a big NO for this competition. Try dressing up more gracefully and because it is a couple’s competition, go for a color code. It will make your couple stand out and obviously looks adorable too.
The ballroom dance competition is an amazing activity to take part in as a couple so that along with polishing the dancing skills the partners are able to spend time with each other, have fun and make beautiful memories together.