The Festive season; full of gratitude, appreciation, and love is around and you must be looking for some amazing ideas to organize a memorable Thanksgiving party. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a gathering of family and friends while enjoying the lavish feast and mouthwatering meals. You can further elevate the celebrations and make this day more exciting by arranging a fun-based dance party too. Seems like a great idea! Amazing thing is that you will not have to spend too much to organize a dance party on the Thanksgiving eve. Here are some fabulous ideas about how to rock the perfect dance party at your place on the Thanksgiving eve.

Planning for the Dance Party on the Thanksgiving

Before planning for the dance party you must arrange and decor the place where you want to hold the party. You can clear some space inside your house if you have planned for indoor arrangement. You can also make a beautiful sitting arrangement outside your house if you have a lawn. Add some floral decoration at the entrance and add some sitting place nearby the dance floor. Keep the music system in the easy access and playlist updated with the relevant soundtracks. If you are expecting some kids with the guests than you must arrange a separate comfortable sitting space for them too.

Holiday Playlist Ideas to Entertain the Guests

There are usually three categories of the songs for the Thanksgiving party. The songs which are exclusively recorded for this evening are the top the list but they are very few. The second types of soundtracks that you can play on this eve are those which can be played to enjoy on any holiday or valentine day. While the third category is the songs which address the concept of being thankful to others even if they don’t directly mention the holiday. Check out this list of songs which may feel relevant.

Groovy Gravy by Quincy Jones
Be Thankful for What You Got by William DeVaughn
Turkey Chase by Bob Dylan
Thanksgiving Day by Ray Davies
Mashed Potatoes by James Brown
The Thanksgiving Filter by Drive-By Trucker
Jive Turkey by Ohio Players
Apple Pie A La Mode by Destiny’s Child
My sweet Potato by Booker T.& The MG’s

These are some of the songs specifically for the event but there are much more which you can choose just to spice up to the party.

Clear a Space ideally on the wooden Floor

You can make your Thanksgiving dinner party utterly exciting by clearing a special space for the dance and doing the arrangements ideally on the wooden floor. Here are some decoration and fun ideas especially for the dance floor to keep the guests moving and grooving with fun.

Spotlight Dancing– The moving spotlight on the dance floor will be a great idea as it will fall on each person on the floor and make it fun to watch him/her dance.

The couple dance– Request your family couples to step on the floor and play some romantic song to watch them enjoy a lovely dance.

The Kids Disco- Play music and have kids dance in a row, each will get a chance to step into the spotlight and show her/her skills.