Long Island Dance Studio- Summer Dance Camp!

Summer is a wonderful time for rejuvenation and creativity, and what better way to allow your children to develop a powerful sense of self-expression and self-confidence than dancing. The Long Island Dance Studios welcomes your children to an exciting getaway with an exciting dance routine that ensures physical activity and creative exposure.

When the schools shut down for vacations, parents are often worried about building up productive vessels and outlets that allow their children to learn and use their holidays productively. Given the lure of digital devices and online activities, parents are always fretting over engaging activities to encourage their children to head outdoors and have real-life experiences.

It is important to note that dancing is a passion, a powerful form of creative expression that allows one to truly make use of all one’s senses and abilities into creating arm that is fluid, livid and overwhelmingly touching. At the Long Island Dance Studio, we intend to help children develop a powerful sense of self-expression and build up their confidence as they sway to the beats of our funky tunes!

Summer Dance Camp: Fun & Learning

As your children continue there learning throughout the summer, excite their routine with a powerful dose of fun and excitement. Our Summer Dance Camp offers an abundance of excitement and fun with its action-packed routine that will encourage your children to indulge in physical activity, and enjoy themselves beyond belief.

Our dance camp focuses on helping children shed away the inhibitions that little minds often find confusing and intimidating through a powerful routine that excites them and most importantly, challenges them, both physically and emotionally. Our dance routine and activities are built around allowing the kids a fun-packed session of excitement, creativity and inspiration that encourages them to create art and be fully submerged in the process.

Extra co-curricular activities are one of the most powerful strategy to build up confidence and encourage creativity amongst children. And through our summer dance camp, we seek to help these little ones develop a powerful sense of self-expression that will encourage them to stand out and command attention with their creativity.

We strongly believe that dancing is an art that truly invigorates the mind, body and soul, and we want to pass this gift onto your children so they can rejoice the art of dance to express their creativity, bust off stress and most importantly, feel confident.