Long Island Dance Studio:

Dance as though no one is watching, is that all there is to dance? What about dancewear! You know when you get in the gear or your costume, the energy around you changes. Simply adorning the dancing shoes makes you feel energetic and powerful like nothing can go wrong while you dance your heart out. Here are some simply divine ideas that will make you stand out from other competitors.

Halter Style and Bare Back:

When it comes to dance costumes, there is no design that beats the sexiness of halter and bareback costumes. They have always been popular, and there is no denying the charm of bareback costumes. Moreover, there are so many choices with halter leotards, you can choose a bareback or a minimalist design or even a mesh one to make your look unique as all of these are sure to make you stand out.

Open Front Skirts:

If you are looking to add a dramatic flair to your dramatic dancing, the open front is ideal for you. Another great thing about the open front is that it doesn’t constrict or retrain your movements. An open front skirt can be paired with all kinds of tops; whether you have a leotard or crop top that you have worn many times, you can easily perk it up with an open skirt outfit.

Minimalist Designs:

There are some performances that need full attention from the audiences. For such heartfelt performances, you need Minimalist costumes, so the bling of your outfit doesn’t take anything away from your performance. Monochromatic designs are great for enhancing a dancer’s shape and dance moves. Smart dancers use minimalist costumes to make their movements crisper as well as cleaner.

Color Combinations:

Colors play a massive role in making your costumes stand out. Subdued pinks, luscious reds, and gleaming purple costumes are all great to add color to your performances. Apart from that, if you are looking to add the classic charm, black and white colors are ideal. However, for cheer and Pom-Pom style dances, you need bold and vibrant colors with embellishments. Consider pastels to add glamour to your Jazz, Lyrical dance performances.

Bottom Line:

All in all, no matter what design or color you choose for your performances, it must reflect your style and the genre you are representing. Also, try and select a design that enunciates your performances rather than getting in the way. Lastly, enjoy, and dance like no one is watching.