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Hear what our student have to say about our Long Island Dance Studio. Stephanie and Vincent are a team of professional ballroom dance coaches, performing and competing across the nation for over 10 years. Visit their Syosset, Long Island ballroom dance studio to start learning to dance today. They teach all level dancers and for all events and occasions. They choreograph wedding dances, special occasion dances and competition and showcase dances. Call 516-996-3554 to schedule your next dance class.

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Dance With Us Long Island
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 69 reviews
 by Anoop Puri
Dance With Us - Stephanie

I had a wonderful time attending Dance With Us. The dancing studio is spacious and has a very warm atmosphere. I never danced before and Stephanie not only taught me steps, but instead how to listen the music, the rhythm and how to follow and how to move my hips! They adapted to my beginner’s level.

Stephanie and other teachers are amazing and friendly. They are also very caring and attentive.! All the teachers are professional and knowledgeable. I have made huge progress in a very short span of time, and dancing is a great fun too.

I am glad I joined them and wish them all the success in the years to come.

Anoop Puri

 by Carol Ansaldi
Fabulous studia

Dance With Us is unlike any studio because we are lucky to have the tremendous talents of Stephanie Falciano, owner and lead dance teacher, and her partner and my teacher - Vincent Antonelli. Their goal is to give you all the tools to become the best dancer you can be. With all their knowledge and credentials in Ballroom dance, we have the added benefit of their knowledge in Cabaret and Theatrical dancing. This is such a plus as it has added a new dimension to my dancing.
Stephanie is not only a phenomenal dancer and teacher, she is an actress, model, choreographer - the list goes on. Even with all this, she really cares about you and will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve.
In joining Dance With Us you gain a family! Whether you are new to dance or have danced before you will not be disappointed. Your world will be opened up to the vast talents of not only Stephanie and Vincent but all the teachers.
Stephanie and Vincent have taught me to think and dance outside the box and that with hard work and determination you can achieve wonders in your dance.
Please check out Dance With Us - Syosset website to see all the wonderful forms of dance you can learn.

 by Isabella Aletrakis
Great studio!

I always love the environment at the studio! It is always a positive experience where students have the opportunity to learn and grow. Stephanie always makes time for everyone to be seen and corrected and never leaves anyone behind. Lorna is also wonderful and I have improved tremendously because if her.

 by Abbe Gail Gross
Fabulous studio. Fabulous people.

I attended one of their Friday night “Dance Parties” and was very impressed with the entire experience. The dancers ranged from very young to much older and their dance technique was quite impressive. There was a lot of joy among the dancers. Stephanie and Vincent made everyone feel welcome. It was a great experience! ??

 by Jovita
Maria is amazing!

I took the intro to belly dancing because of Groupon.

As someone who is in there late 50s I was a bit scared at first because I have never done belly dancing before. My teacher, Maria, was so kind and patient with me. She took the time to help me out and work with my posture during each class.

Thanks to Maria I had a fantastic time in the beginner's class. I definitely would recommend her class to any of my friend's and family.

 by Jovi
A fun experience for belly dancing!

Thanks to Groupon I was able to try out a class for belly dancing. I have never done belly dancing before, until I took a class here. Maria is an excellent teacher to anyone wanting to learn. As someone in their late 50s, it was hard at first but thanks to Maria's teaching and patience, I was able to get the movements down.

This is a course I would definitely recommend to my friends and family who want to learn belly dancing as well.

I had a fun experience! Thank you so much Maria!

 by Gráinne fitness
Beautiful space one of my favorite places to teach

I have been a student and teacher for many years teaching all over Long Island. This studio is one of my favorite places. I taught a Kango boot class couple times a week here it’s a well hidden secret. It has a city feel with very high ceilings it’s an elegant space. Stephanie is just such an awesome person. Not only is she such an accomplished dancer but she is so accommodating to everyone. It was a pleasure to work with her. I’m hoping we can work together again Look out for class schedules and private lessons. Definitely worth checking out.

 by Jackie Frank

my experience renting the dance of the studio has been amazing. Stephanie is so easy to communicate with and her studio offer so many different amenities that has made it super easy for me to stream my workouts during the pandemic studio is big clean has great lighting and music system

 by Katarzyna
Group lessons

I have been looking for a dance school for my daughter that provides challenging and fun experience. This is the place to go. Owner and staff are professional, friendly and patient. We didn't have to skip any classes while Shut Down since they set up Zoom meetings right away.

 by Carol

My experience with Dance With Us and with Stephanie
has been a delight during this difficult coVid period of our lives. Stephanie quickly contacted her members and kept us up to date on how we can continue our lessons. I personally have kept up my zoom classes with Vincent and it has been a wonderful challenging experience.
Stephanie is a perfectionist and made sure those who wanted to continue dancing could. Thank you for caring about us all.

 by Frank

I'm a newbie to dance and Stephanie got me doing stuff that I

never thought I could do. She is Awesome!

Excellent teacher

 by Estella Clasen
Dancing with Stephanie

My husband and I have been taking lessons with Stephanie for the past ten years. She has definitely taken our dancing to a new level. She really breaks down the technique in every dance, making the most basic steps look amazing. During the COVID pandemic, we decided to continue to take lessons via the zoom app. It was a good time for us to review technique and make changes in some of our routines.

 by Jill
The best dance studio

My entire family takes dance lessons here. From my3 year old to my husband and myself. The instructors are the best

 by Jack Alexandro

I took both Group and private dance lessons and it was a great experience with wonderful, expert instructors who really care about your goals and help you reach them.

 by Michele Michelson
Feel accomplished

Started classes at dance with us in the middle of November 2018. Enjoying being able to dance again 🙂

 by Dennis Kaydanov
A motivating and challenging environment

I remember my first time stepping into this studio and thinking yeah, this is going to be great. It offers a wide variety of classes for a wide variety of skill sets. But my favorite times of the year is when the Gold Coast Showcase comes around. It is a twice a year showcase with a theme and the most amazing dancing by all. Stephanie really puts her heart into these things and they are spectacular. They are really special as well because you never know what the theme will be. Dance With Us has never felt like a dance studio, it feels like a family because no matter where you come from, dance is dance and it is something that unites us from all over the world. If you are interested in starting or continuing dancing I highly recommend coming here to experience it yourself!

 by Danielle
Professionals Dedicated To Their Students’ Success

I’ve been dancing at this studio for just under a year and am so glad I chose to go here as a beginner ballroom dancer looking to compete. They offer awesome packages for both kids and adults that you can’t find anywhere else and they’re so dedicated to making sure their students succeed in whatever their goals are - whether that’s preparing a dance for a special event like a wedding, becoming a professional dancer, or even just fine-tuning your social dancing skills so you can break it out on the dance floor next time you’re out with your friends. I’ve learned so much in my time here and it’s all thanks to the teachers’ knowledge, attention to detail and passion for what they do!

 by Danielle Klein
All Kinds of Dance

Dance With Us is an amazing dance studio!! It has a variety of dance classes, everything from all different types of ballroom dancing, to hip hop, to ballet and more. The instructors really know their stuff and are super friendly!! The studio has a great social environment as well, dancing with old and new friends in their group classes, they also social parties for all different occasions that are so much fun and you get to practice what you have learned!! Overall great experiences dancing at Dance With Us!!

 by Maria

Staff is very talented & extremely friendly - teachers are willing to slow down / speed up when asked - excellent environment for beginners & more advanced dancers ?? ???

 by Ilona
Stephanie rocks!

I have been taking ballroom and latin lessons with Stephanie for a few years now and absolutely love dancing. Her choreography is amazing and with each new routine the choreography becomes both more difficult but enjoyable, and the results after practicing are so much better. Each routine is styled to fit my partner and I, and Stephanie's enthusiasm for ballroom and latin dancing is so clear to see. I love constantly learning new steps and am working my way through all of the dances. Along with the fun choreography, Stephanie always pushes my technique so I can get better.

 by Rhona
It's Been a Great Year!!!

I started taking dance lessons about a year ago at Dance With Us. I had very little background from a very long time ago, so basically I was starting from scratch. I started taking group lessons with Yoshie with my friends - Salsa & Burlesque. After about 5 mos. we did our first group performance, it was so much fun! Then I wanted to accelerate my learning so I started private lessons with the group hustle teacher, Vince. He had me doing a solo performance with him after only another month! I have also taken lessons with Ken, Maria & Stephanie - they're all great! All are skilled and patient with newcomers and seasoned dancers as well. Whether you're looking to perform and compete or to work on social dancing skills, Dance With Us is the right place to go!

Awesome studio

Stephanie’s dance with us is by far one of the most fun and innovative studios around. Stephanie’s way of teaching could make even somebody with two left feet an amazing dancer a lot of people can dance amazing but they can always teach she can do both everyone is friendly and kind and it’s a great atmosphere to be in

 by Shirley
Love to dance Now I can dance

Stephanie is a real professional. she has lots of patients always wanted to learn to dance love to see other people dancing but now I have the pleasure of being the one dancing . Schedules are very flexible. love the parties that are given with professional dancers That help you improve your technique. The location is very accessible to anyone . The price is right and all of the instructors are very very helpful

 by Rhona
Great Experience!!!

I am having such a fun time! I started with group lessons and progressed to private lessons. I took Jr. Lessons and then lessons with Stephanie and Vince. I now can go out social dancing and have even performed at some events! The teachers make it fun and easy. They not only teach you good to know steps, but also perfect your technic so that you look good! I am continuing after over a year!

 by Danielle
Dance With Us is Great!!

Dance With Us is a great dance studio!! They have lots of options for dance classes, both times and types. They have great teachers!! I love going to my classes, I learn and exercise and have fun all at the same time!!

 by Alina
Best Dance studio!

Great dance studio! Stephanie is a superb dancer and teacher .

Very caring and accommodating ! Other teachers are great.

Happy to be part of this dance family!

 by Lin
Professional instructors

Stephanie is a great instructor. She is patient and experienced with the students. She shows me what a real professional dancer is. She teaches the kids not only ballroom dance steps, but also teaches them all details from head to toe, correct them one by one. Before we joined her studio, I felt that my kids’ dancing was more like walking the steps, now after 3 months they are much better. And they enjoy dancing every week. I regret that I did not send my kids to her earlier.

 by Estella
Brought my dancing to a new level

My husband and I had danced socially and took lessons for many years before we took lessons with Stephanie. I can honestly say that she has brought our dancing to a new level. She breaks down each dance and body movement so that even a basic step can look outstanding. I am a former school teacher and I can always spot a great instructor. Stephanie is patient and makes our lessons enjoyable. I also love the studio parties! She takes the effort to decorate the studio, provide a DJ, serve food and drinks and makes sure everyone has a good time.

 by Ronni
Intimate studio

I've known Stephanie for almost 18 years. She is dedicated to dance as a professional and she is dedicated to her students
The studio is an intimate setting and the students are friendly & have a nice camaraderie. Fun place to learn to dance and also to practice if you already know how. Strphanie will teach you proper technique so you will feel conffortable on Ronni dance floor and have some fun

 by Angela
Amazing wedding dance lessons

We took dance lessons for our wedding first dance because we didn't want to just sway back and forth and Maria helped us create a choreography that wasn't cheesy and went well for our beginner level. My husband was never a dancer at all and our families were shocked he even had some moves and after we performed the dance, everyone was telling us how amazing and phenomenal our dance was! Maria gave us the confidence to have a forever memory. This was completely worth it considering flowers die but the memory of our dance a success will always be with us. We also took the group salsa classes which really helped us with a foundation for dancing the other types of music at our wedding. I'm so glad we took these lessons! Thank you Maria!!! She also had the confidence in us to throw a few moves towards the end of our package and we were able to memorize it just in time! I keep getting compliments at how good our dance was.

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