The benefits of Mommy and Me Classes:

The benefits of dance are many. In addition to being an artistic discipline that allows children to develop their creativity and self-confidence, dance is also a complete sport. Small dancers perform better on school benches, since the practice of dance requires, among other things, concentration. Good for the body and good for the mind!

Everyone wants their child to trust his abilities, have a good self-esteem, in short, and emancipate himself. This is exactly what the dance allows, which is particularly the case when it is performed in an environment where respect is honored, as at Long Island Dance Studio. Here, we know that all children are different and that their evolution is unique. Learning to dance happens in pleasure.

Indeed, dance is a discipline of choice for children more inhibited, who will find the movement and rhythm a way of expressing oneself. It is proven: in dancing, the child is realized and is more confident.
Long Island Dance Studio now offers a unique “Mommy and me” dance classes and it is a perfect way to get back into a moderate physical activity and share a special moment with your baby. Mom-baby dance classes are a good compromise for moms who want to regain fitness smoothly while staying with their baby. Mommies find it very interesting the power that music exerts on babies. One thinks immediately of the infants who fall asleep in their bed, rocked by the melodies of their mobile. This idea of this activity of mommy and me dance classes is to let the mother enjoy this state of well-being with her child.
“Mommy and Me” dance classes – A special moment between the baby and her mother.

For the baby/child, it is an awakening to music and movement, work on all the senses; children begin to move very early. Some children fall asleep to the sound of music; others stay awake. Mom, she shares a privileged moment with her baby, great tenderness, and complicity, and meet other mothers.
Moms are very assiduous; dads are much timid. Mommy and me classes are not only a dance class; it is also a moment of exchange and sharing among young parents. We are not at all in the field of competition.
Finally, it is the moment of “relaxation” (work of breathing on soft music). The course takes place according to the rhythm of each one; a figure is learned in 3 or 4 sessions.

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