The long holidays are so near and there is an air of festivity and celebrations around us. This can prove to be a stressful time for many of us as we get stuck up in the process of traveling and arrangements for the get together with family and friends. But all of us have every right to enjoy the pleasant holiday’s time and celebrate the joyous days with the zest. Long Island Dance Studio provides you a great opportunity to shake off your worries and swing to the beat and rhythm to absorb the pure fun and entertainment of the holidays.


Celebration in the Ballroom Dance

Nothing can lift your spirits more than a ballroom dance activity which is full of laughter and excitement. It helps to improve your physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional stability and because of its multiple positive influences, Long Island Dance Studio has provided the great opportunity to enjoy these holidays with the best ever ballroom dance party. Come dressed up in your favorite outfits and bring your beloved dance partners to avail this chance of ultimate fun on the best holiday music. The couple dances or triplet dance moves will make you express your feeling, happiness, and love to your friends and family.

Holiday Themed Dance Party at Syosset NY

You can enjoy the true essence of the holiday at the dance party which is organized especially with the holiday theme; it makes you engaged in the celebrations and happiness around you. Although there are many well- organized holiday-themed parties happening these days but the most exciting and over-the-top fun is happening at Syosset New York.  There will be light refreshments too for elevating your happy holiday mood and make things pure fun to you. The most entertaining and highly talented DJ with super- rocking MC is also available to make every moment electrifying to you. The moving and grooving DJ is ought to keep the party up to the top of energy and excitement that you would never even like to sit without tapping your feet. The talent of our DJ and MC includes the knowledge about the right kind of music list and can connect with the audience by mixing the energy, quality, and elegance in such a way that the dance floor is always packed.

Group Lessons and Showcases

The dance party is organized for your high-end entertainment and all level dancers are welcomed to express, energize and enhance their dance skills at this super-fun event. So if you have been going to dance classes for a long time and can stupefy everyone with your masterly skills or you are just a beginner looking for chances to watch skilled moves and practically follow them and improve your dance quality, this the right place for you. Here you will get a chance to meet the people of various ages as well as different social groups. It’s a great opportunity for the dance freaks to enjoy the group lessons and showcases too.