Long Island Dance Studio: Reminiscing a Wonderful Year with the Happy Occasion of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a beautiful tradition of giving thanks and feeling gratitude for all the blessings and happiness that comes our way. We at Dance with Us have enjoyed a thrillingly exciting journey of showcases, dance parties, dance classes, rehearsals and what-not.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that 2018 has been one crazy rollercoaster ride for us and our dancers, and we just want to carve out this moment to reflect on the bonds we have fostered and the love we have accumulated on this glorious journey.

Thanksgiving is all about upholding the traditional values of gratitude and opening up your hearts to receive the happiness that comes from giving and nurturing others. We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful team of dedicated, talented and loyal dancers, instructors and other team members. Every single dancer has a story to tell, and we have been amazed and overjoyed to witness their art and passion.

We at Dance with Us want to thank every single person who has witnessed our journey and collaborated with our platform in any form or manner. Each and every single one of you are a precious asset to our team. 2018 has been an exhilarating and exalting ride of artistic endeavors and passion-driven projects.

With our loyal team of talented dancers, we have showcased many a shows, thrown crazy dance parties, and entered competitions on some of the most prestigious dance platforms. We have organized amazing dance classes with some of the most inspiring guest instructors, who have been kind enough to share their craft and talent with our dancers.

We are extremely grateful for all these insanely dedicate and passionate dancers who continue to remain loyal to our dance studio, and add spice to the concoction of our life. For us at Dance with Us, Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to raise a toast to all the astounding achievements we have bagged, along with a reflective thought for the challenges we have overcome and shattered as a team.

This Thanksgiving, Dance with Us extends a hearty and lovingly warm token of gratitude for all our dedicated and loyal dancers, and all those amazing individuals who have been and continue to be a part of our dance community. It has been an absolute honor and joy!

Note: The studio will remain closed on Thursday, 22nd November for Thanksgiving.