Dance with US Long Island

Are you planning to surprise your partner with your spectacular tango moves? Or perhaps, you wish to find a group of dancers to rejoice in your hobby of dancing?

We invite you to dance with a vibrant community in Long Island. You can take up any dance activity you like, be it ballroom dancing, tap dancing, ballet or an energetic movement class to shake your curves sans restraints. We offer dance classes for private sessions and group settings. Keep reading to find out more about our back to school dance academy.

Long Island’s Premier Dance Academy

We are the best dance academy in Long Island, and we encourage all dance lovers to reclaim their passion and head back to the dance floor. Nothing is more freeing, energizing and invigorating than shaking a leg to a beat that makes you feel confident and passionate.

We encourage all dance lovers between the ages 3 and 93 to head over to our dance studio and indulge in their love for dancing. Our studio is an excellent space for children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors looking to take up a constructive hobby.

Dancing is an excellent form of physical exertion and it allows a full-body cardio to keep you healthy and fit. It’s also a creative pursuit that releases artistic energy, allowing you to feel fulfilled, productive and endlessly creative.

Choose your kind of Dancing

Do you prefer the rhythmic movements of ballroom dancing, or perhaps, you’d like to embrace a more complex form of dancing, such as ballet? Many of our cherished dance enthusiasts just like to lose themselves to the rhythm and music, and revel in the energy created by the group of dancers.

Some come to find companionship and the energy of a group, while others prefer private lessons to build up their skills. We can help you find the perfect dance session, setting and instructor to polish your talents and revive your passion for dancing.

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes and shake off all the stress and negative energy that’s been gnawing at your mind. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our classes, and enroll yourself in the perfect dance sessions. We offer a multitude of dancing classes and sessions, and we will help you find the right one that aligns with your preferences and dancing inclinations.