Stay Healthy, Fit and Happy with Long Island Dance Studio- Sign Up for Fall Dance Semester

Dance is a perfect way to shake off all your worries and swing with happiness to move toward the better lifestyle. Long Island Dance Studio provides a dancing experience that relieves stress, brings joy and is a general release from the daily grind. The dancing experience which makes you physically active, smile and laugh at the end of every class can provide a relief from anxiety and stress. It is one of the best ways to develop a happy and contented social life and make you the centre of attention at parties and events on Long Island. Dance classes help you improve your health and mobility in a fun way. The new semester is about to start and it’s the perfect time to start a new learning adventure which is fun-filled and great for your health and fitness. Please sign up for Fall Dance Semester at Long Island Dance Studio.

Kids Dance Classes:

Are you a parent looking for a healthy activity for your kids that keep them fit and happy? Long Island Dance Studio, Kids Dance Classes are the best opportunity that you can give to your kids who love to move and groove at their favorite music. The simple and fun-filled dance lessons can make them happy, healthy and fit. We offer ballroom dance, Tap, Latin Dance, Private and Group Dance Classes and more!

Ballroom Dance:

Ballroom dancing is a great social dance form that can keep you physically active and socially attractive too. The dances moves learnt and practiced this class are proven to be beneficial in improving your mobility, flexibility and heal many problems related to bones and joints. You can either join a group session or individual classes to master the ballroom dancing skills and have fun, meet new friends, develop relationships or get prepared for the upcoming events such as wedding or cruise.

Hip Hop:

Are you big Fan of Hip Hop Dancers! You can be the one by joining the Hip Hop Dance Lessons at Long Island Dance Studio. Hip Hop Dancing is not just a great Cardio but it also develops and strengthens the muscles. It is a fun way to increase the elasticity and flexibility of joints and bones. Not just physically, Hip Hop dancing benefits mentally too as it is best way to release the depression and stress. Join the Hip Hop Dance classes of the Fall semester at Long Island Dance Studio.


Want to join more artistic dancing skills! Join the Ballet Dance Classes at Long Island Dance Studio and learn the delicate and artistic dance moves easily.

Private Lessons and Group Classes:

Group classes are done in larger groups where you can meet people from all walks of life and learn, practice and improve your dancing skills with each other’s help, while the private lessons are more focused and the instructor can personalize the experience and practice according to your level. Sign up now before all the spaces are filled and start the pleasurable and great experience of dancing.