Dance School Policy

  • We have a 24 hour cancelation policy or the lesson will be charged.
  • No refunds, transfers or extensions.
  • Dance With Us reserves the right to change teacher, schedule or format at any time.
  • Class schedules and teacher assignments are subject to change without  notice.
  • All private and group lessons have an expiration date. Packages are based on a minimum of one lesson per week or more. Please check the details of your program.
  • All group classes require pre registration.
  • Registration fee is $55.
  • If there are under 4 people, the teacher has the option to make the class a semi 1/2 private for no extra charge instead of a group class.

Private Lessons 

  • Private lessons are 45 minutes in length. Private lessons skipped must be made up within one week or the hour will be charged.
  • Packages are based on one lesson minimum per week for the 10 session program. For all larger programs a minimum of 2 lessons per week is required to receive the discount.
  • Cancellations require a 24-hour notice in order to avoid being charged for the lesson.


  • Parents, please arrive on time for drop off and pick-up.
  • Parents are welcome to wait but we do not always allow parents to stay in the room, as it makes the child uncomfortable and inhibits learning. 

Personal Property 

  • We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. 

Dress Code

  • The dress code for boys ballroom/Latin: Black pants, white T-shirt or any dance shirt, appropriate dance shoes, black socks. Dance shoes and black socks are required for all ballroom and Latin classes.
  • The dress code for girls ballroom/Latin: Black leotards w/ long skirts for ballroom or white/black short skirts for Latin or appropriate dancewear. Latin or Ballroom shoes or appropriate dance shoes for the style of dance, white socks, long hair in a bun. Latin or Ballroom shoes or appropriate dance shoes for the style of dance is a requirement. HAIR MUST BE PULLED BACK.
  • Appropriate clothing for stretching for boys: Any sport T-shirt, sport shorts or pants, clean white/black socks.
  • Appropriate clothing for stretching for girls: Any leotards, clean white socks, long hair in bun.
  • Hip-Hop classes for boys: sports T-shirt, sports shorts or pants, clean white/black socks.
  • Hip-Hop for girls include any leotard, dancewear, or yoga pants. Long hair must be in a bun or pulled back. No hair flying around or in the face will be allowed.
  • Dress code for Adults: Importance of appropriate dance shoe wear cannot be over emphasized. Choose appropriate dance wear from above or ask instructor.

What do I wear if I’m new to dance? Wear comfortable attire that is flexible to move in. New students can wear sneakers for the first week of classes only.

Competitive or showcase dancer?

Women: practice wear, such as long skirts for ballroom and short skirts for Latin.

Men: Latin pants and tight-fitting clothing for men is required.

This will assist in your progress and it allows your teacher to correct alignment. Proper attire also allows you to have the feeling of a real experience so you get the most out of your dancing. Dance shoes are required. No street shoes permitted on the dance floor.