Best Ballroom Dance Music to Get You Holiday Party Moving- Long Island Dance Studio     

Holiday season is finally here and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the ultimate fun and happiness. Holiday season is filled up with parties and holiday party is never complete without music and dance. The contagious energy, the fun-filled music and groovy moves can make a holiday party a huge success. Planning for a holiday dance party and want to make it a huge hit! First thing to do is join a dance studio to learn the best and impressive dance moves. Then, get a hit list of ballroom dance music from your grandpa’s favorite to your niece’s loved ones, and everything in between. Ready for a perfect holiday dance party but don’t know where to start from! Join Long Island Dance Studio right away to learn all the best dance moves and know all the top listed ballroom dance songs to make your party a big success.

The best ballroom music is the one that inspires everyone and motivates them to rise and dance. Here are some of the top songs and artists for the most inspiring ballroom dance Music:

Cha Cha:

‘Volver a Verte’ is one the most inspiring dance beat for ballroom dance. The song is one of the classics that has a rhythm which can be a bit tricky to follow but gives a really fun time to the guests.


‘Cuando Calient El Sol’ has the Latin sound DJ’s Choice and it is the best ballroom music to make the listeners inspired. The romantic song makes you feel the pleasure of being on a beach bathing in sun and having ultimate fun.


‘Le Serpent’ has a rhythm that gives an African vibe with a rhythmic pulsing to keep your feet moving and grooving. The music is bound bring you in mood and make you stand up and dance.


‘Por Una Cabeza’ by Tango project has the best of any kind of pure Tango feel. Perfect for the holiday party with spiced up feelings of dance.


Let the holiday party be the ultimate fun and excitement with ‘Sparkling Diamonds’ by Paola Fabris. The song has a subtle fast swingy goodness to make you want to move and groove effortlessly.


Paul Young’s ‘Enter Sandman’ is metallica one with a lot much more to offer to the listeners. From swinging, edgy sound to seductive and sophisticated, the music is all in one to give an ultimate fun.

Here are the most exciting ones to be added to your holiday ballroom dance party’s playlist, there are more to come, so stay tuned.