Long island dance studio: Private Ballroom Dance Classes for All!

All those who love to dance and hone their dancing skills are invited to rejoice in the lively ambience and spectacular dance classes offered by  Long Island dance studio, Dance With Us!

We love dancing, and we’re always offering new dance classes for all lovers dance. We offer the Syosset and surrounding community both private and group sessions. Our Long Island Dance Studio offers private and group ballroom dance classes for all ages.

Are you struggling to prepare your family and bridal troupe for your upcoming rehearsal dinner and wedding? Or perhaps, your group of friends wants to put together an elaborate waltz to put the spectacular ballroom dancing sequences of Bridgerton to shame? Either way, we would love to be of assistance in executing your ballroom dancing plans!

Learn & Dance Together

Do you think some private lessons will help you feel more confident dancing at an upcoming event or engagement party? Or perhaps, you’d like to enjoy group classes to learn the art of ballroom dancing with a group of like-minded enthusiasts? The Long Island Dance Studio is the place to be!

We offer private lessons and facilitate large groups with our ballroom dancing classes. Our seasoned ballroom dancing experts offer training on ballroom dances, ballet and tap dance for all ages. We work with children as young as 2 years old and adults and seniors of all age group. All dance lovers are welcome at the Long Island Dance Studio to immerse in their passion for ballroom dancing and ballet.

Whether you’re preparing for competitive dancing, competitions, elaborate showcases, special events, charity ball or a wedding, we’re here to help! We allow families and friends to learn and dance together, with our seasoned instructors as the most friendly and knowledgeable guides to help you harness and hone your dancing skills.

Dancing is such a profoundly therapeutic activity that one need not have a reason or an upcoming event to take it up as an activity. Suppose you and your band of dance-loving friends are looking for a creative and productive outlet to expend your energies. In that case, our ballroom dancing and ballet sessions are the perfect outlet!

Come and take a ballroom dancing session today to see how our instructors can help you and your group perform complex Waltz sequences without missing a single step! Get in touch with our team for further information on timings and instructional support.

We have clients from all over Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens. We are super flexible to help you reach your dancing goals. Give us a call today to learn more!