As a CTE certified Drama teacher, I believe that the arts play an important role in our society. Through all times, good and bad, the arts give us an escape. It allows us an outlet for expression. From the Italian Commedia del Arte in the 1700s to Marcel Marceau using his art of silence during the French resistance in the 1900s to Charlie Chaplin from silent films to talkies, acting has been a reflection of history. I received my certificate in acting from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in 1994 and have been engrossed ever since. I have never left my love of acting and want to share the joy with you. I perform with an Improv Troupe run by Scotty Watson. I run an Improv Troupe called “Funnier Things, featuring young talent.

 Here are some fun things we have been doing online
Dance with us Intro to Acting Class
Acting class is not just for the dreamers that want to be stars! Acting class is an outlet for stress, anxiety and creates a feeling of well-being. Acting classes can improve your self-confidence and help kids learn how to get up in front of a class for a presentation or demonstration. If you are a dancer, you should be taking acting classes to connect your performance to a grounded story. In this class, your child will learn the fundamentals that allow for a truthful performance. Students develop a heightened use of the senses. They tap into their imagination to develop characters.  A character’s history, circumstances, intentions, goals, and wants all lead to grounded performance. This class covers scripted scenes, cold readings, commercial auditions, and proper preparation.
Dance with us Improvisation for the Actor Class
Improvisation is a technique that should be used not just in acting, but in life. If the world followed the rules of yes AND, we would be in a much better place. Students will be able to develop characters quickly to use in a scene by choosing clear ideas. Students will develop intuition, uses of senses, physicality, character background to create improvised scenes. Students learn short and long-form. The improvisation games are fun while learning the skills of improv. Express poise and confidence in self-expression through class exercises by building detailed character biographies and taking chances. Students analyze and solve problems inherent in performing improvisational theatre with skills that inspire creative thinking, imagination, and spontaneity. Students learn what the emotion wheel is and how to use it, the laban technique of physicality, and how to create a strong point of view quickly.
Skills learned-
1. Display skills in ensemble playing through techniques of improvisational theatre
2. Analyze the improvisational process through class participation and evaluation
3. Apply the theories associated with improvisation in rehearsal and performance
4. Express poise and confidence in self-expression through class exercises

5. Analyze and solve problems quickly