Long Island Dance Studio – Wishing Everyone in a Fun Halloween!

Dance is a great way to express your intense feelings of happiness, joys and festivity. Just like every other event and occasion, happy Halloween is also enjoyed with unlimited dance fun. Long Island Dance Studio has special dance classes for people of all ages to make dancing fun for you, boost up your confidence and make your physical fit and active.

Dance Fun on Halloween

To celebrate any event, our parties are never complete without the relevant music and showing off our dance skills. Long Island Dance Studio is always there to make you learn and practice the best and on-point dance moves. To enhance a spirit of festivity, we encourage our students to wear the pretty Halloween costumes.

If you get a chance to visit a Halloween themed dance party, you must have experienced the most intense excitement and joys of the evening. Here we share the most exciting Halloween dance party ideas to create your own amazing family dance event.

Monster Freeze

In order to make this Halloween most memorable one, you can create a Halloween Monster Freeze party. The themed costumes, party decor will be enhanced by the related dance activities.

Pass the Pumpkin Parcel

A pumpkin can be prepared as a parcel while the music will be played, and all the participants will pass the parcel. The moment the music stops, the one holding it would have to do the required dare.

Mummy Wrapping Race

Mummy wrapping can be a source of great laughter and fun. Each couple would wrap his or her partner in the form of a mummy. You can use the strong tissue papers as a wrapping material and the one who quickly finishes first will be the winner.

Costume contest

Costumes contest can be a fun thing, because everyone strives to look spookier than other on a Halloween party. The most creative and spookiest one will win the contest of your party and this healthy competition will make the party look extremely exciting.

Trick and Treat Race

You can make this party a huge success by hiding little treats and making the little participants to hunt a trick or treat venture. The one who can achieve more treats will be the top winner.

Spooky Dance Race

Play Halloween themed music and each dancing participants must do the spookiest dance to bewitch the audience. It is going to be a great fun to view the weirdest and amazing Halloween dance skills of everyone.