Ballroom dance is a couple's formal dance for both recreation and competition.  The term ballroom dance includes waltz, tango, rumba, and cha-cha, foxtrot and quickstep.  We offer private and group lessons in ballroom for all ages and levels. 


Salsa dance originated in New York City, cultivated from a blend of Latin American dances with strong influences from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Columbia. It is a hot and spicy dance fusion performed both competitively and for fun!


Hip Hop dance originated in the 1970s incorporating a wide range of dance styles including break dancing, locking, popping and krumping.  Once considered to be strictly a street dance, hip hop dance is now a part of the mainstream dance styles taught to children in adults in some of the most prestigious dance studios across the country. 


Burlesque dance is a sensual performance incorporating both theatrics and movement. Comedy, satire, music and dance elements complete this fun form of adult entertainment. Learn to move, act, look and feel sexy with a Burlesque dance class.


The ideal way to gracefully reduce stress while exercising both the body and the mind. Some describe Tai Chi as a form of meditation in motion.  These gentle flowing movements originated in ancient China and is now a deep breathing exercise practiced all over the world. 


Barre is an incredible workout designed to sculpt and stretch the entire body. It is a combinations of dancing, yoga, pilates and light weight training. Each choreographed class targets abdominals, legs and arms through small precise movements. Equipment used in the class are the ballet barre, light hand weights, balls and elastic bands.  Women rave how barre fitness classes have changed their bodies like no other work out, come in and see for yourself.


Designed specifically for the Ballroom Dancer, this hour and fifteen minute lesson includes stretching, ballet barre, core strengthening, body placement and combinations for increasing speed and agility.  Taught by Lorna Zawacki a talented Ballet dancer and instructor who has performed at Radio City Music Hall, Philadelphia Lyric Opera and Bernhardt Ballet.